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Hambegamuwa, Udawalawe , Sri Lanka

Safari Charges for Harf Day

How much is safari cost for couple ?

We charge 50$ for private Jeep excluding government entrance ticket fee.Government entrance ticket free is approximately Rs 8000 for two persons depending on exchange rate.

Duration of safari is 4 hours start on 5 am or 1 pm.

For 3 person

Safari jeep charge keep remain and government tickets fee will be approximately Rs 11,000.

For 4 person

Safari jeep charge won’t change and government ticket fee is approximately Rs 14,000

Note that : We provide you cold water, face towels ,breakfast if you go in the morning , cocunut water or lemonade.



Qn: What are the activities that we can do at La Pentera?

There are plenty of activities to engage the different interests. If you are a nature lover who prefer to laze around the lake, we recommend that you try our canoe ride around the lake, fishing, picnic or BBQ by the lake. When night falls, we can bring you around for a night safari tour.

If you are seeking for more action, we can bring you for a swim in the river, waterfall or hike in the nearby hills to watch sunset.

For the more culturally inclined, you can try our cooking class conducted by our Sri Lankan chef or nearby village tour. To have an authentic Ayurvedic spa treatment, you can also book your slot with our local Ayurvedic doctor.

For more details , visit our Attraction and Activities page.



Canoe Riding

Qn: What will I experience on the canoe ride?

Our canoe ride is an authentic experience paddled by a boat rider to bring you around Lake Hambegamuwa to see an amazing variety of birds and wild life on a little islet.

For best bird watching time, the ride will be either at 6am or 4.30pm where the birds are most active.

Each canoe will take up a maximum of 2 pax and will be chargeable at US$35 per canoe.

For your safety, life jackets will be provided.

Tree houses Air conditioned

Qn: Are there air-conditioning in the tree houses?

In keeping with our nature theme, our tree houses are not fitted with air conditioner but there are fans to keep the treehouse well ventilated.

We recommend that you book the clay houses if you prefer air conditioning for your stay.

Ella to hotel by bus

How can I come to hotel by bus from Ella ?

You need to take bus to Thanamalwilla, then take bus to Hambeganuwa. It takes about 3 hours if you come by bus.


Does your property arrange transport ?

Yes we do. Followings are the charges

Ella to La Pentera : Rs 7,000

Mirrissa to La Pentera: Rs 8,000

Thangalla to La Pentera: Rs 7,500



Canoeing for kids

Qn: Is it safe for my kid to go on the canoe ride?

Yes, we care about our guests safety and have prepared kids’ life jackets for them to enjoy the canoe ride safely.

Call Us

If you do not find your answers in these FAQ, pls email us at or call us at +94767709898. We are happy to hear from you.

My birthday

Qn: I am celebrating my birthday. What can you plan for me?

For all the special occasions, just feel free to email us at, we are happy to decorate your room and even plan a whirlwind of activities to make sure you have a memorable time here.


Qn: We are celebrating our honeymoon, what can you plan for us?

Congratulations on your marriage! To celebrate your union, you may want to check out our honeymoon offers. We are happy to customise the itinerary of activities for you as you wish.

Dogs on the property

Qn: Why do I see dogs in your property? Can I bring my dog to your hotel?

Our in-house dogs are our little security guards. They alert us to any undesirable characters in our property. As they may not welcome any unfamiliar dogs to the hotel, we do not allow our guests to bring their dogs to our hotel so as to avoid any potential conflict between the dogs.

Mosquito in the property

Qn: Are there mosquitoes in your property?

Just like any other places that have forest and a lot of greens, we do have our native guardians co-sharing our living space. We provide mosquito nets in the rooms and mosquito coils when you are out in the garden dining.

Baby cribs

Qn: Do you have baby cribs?

We do not have baby cribs but we are happy to provide an extra bed for your child.

Room amenities

Qn: What are your room amenities?

There is WiFi available in the room. However, as our location is rather remote, the speed of the internet may not be as fast as you would expect it to be.

You can also watch international TV channels in the room.

If you would like to have coffee or tea, just make a request at the front office.

As part of our efforts in going green, we also offer toiletries upon request.

How can I come to La Pentera

Qn: What is the best way to come to Lapentera?

We are able to arrange for land transfer if you let us know where you will be coming from.

However, if you intend to engage your own driver, do note that we are unable to provide accommodation for him as our accommodation are prioritised for our guests and staff. We are, however able to recommend a nearby accommodation for your driver.

The other option is to travel here by bus.

The bus journey will take approximately 3 hours. You will need to take bus to Thanamalwilla, and then change into another bus to Hambeganuwa.

Driver accommodation

Qn: Do you have accommodation for our driver?

Our rooms have been prioritised for our guests and our staff, hence we don’t have any available rooms for drivers who do not come directly under our charge.

We do however are able to recommend you a nearby location for the driver to stay. The room rate typically costs XXX per night. If you would like that to be arranged, let us know and we can help book the room for your driver.