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Shirodhara is a form of ayurveda therapy that involves gently pouring liquids over the forehead and can be one of the steps involved in panchakarma

Steam Bath
The oil will seep into body during a 40 minute or 100 minute body massage prior to the steam treatment. The patient is then placed in Ayurvedic steam bath, into which is piped steam generated using a mixture of water and other herbs

Sarvangadhara Treatment is one of the preparatory procedures inPanchakarma, the rejuvenation and revitalization therapy in Ayurveda

Body Massage
This body massage incorporates different types of Ayurveda oils & a steam or herbal bath to promote the wellbeing of both mind & body

Foot Massage
Foot massage that concentrates on the ‘tender spots’ from the foot up to the knee

Head Massage
Increases the release of hormones & enzymes necessary for the growth of the brain as well as giving you complete relaxation

Body Scrub
Help exfoliate dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling silky soft

Facial Scrub
Nourishes facial skin by eliminating its subtle tensions underneath it & reaching out to reflex points of the brain for better function

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